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With so many seeking employment, why are businesses having trouble attracting quality workers?

Claire Power Murphy  Featured Member



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That is a good question and a hard one to answer.
I think a good worker has nothing to do with education.
That is a thought-provoking question, but I think a quality education does affect business because if a child has had a quality education, he/ she is more likely to be goal oriented. He/she will be apt to have a career in mind and will have formulated a plan to help achieve their goals. A child with an inferior education would likely have less interest in working at all and would be less likely to have any type of career plan, in my view.
Good view Deanie!

A degree (with honesty) means that a person has set and achieved goals.....which is what most businesses are looking for!


 My theory is that because money is tight right now, companies are wanting to hire people fresh out of college who have no experience and very little maturity. They have the credentials, but the older experienced people who are applying for the same postions are not hired because the company will have to pay them 2 to 3 times the pay of an entry level person. Therefore, the quality of the workers hired has diminished.

     Claire this is my view. I think they have become lazy young people don't want to work.

     my son has been to college .my other son is going .my husband told them to get a trade.

    they don't want a trade like a plummer or electrical trade, no that's work. they want to sit in front

     of a computer  and make video games.

    I'm all for education but something is wrong out there. 

An education is important, but I know a few people who have completed a degree and can not find a job.  There are business that are hiring people with Bachelor's and Master's degree with years of experience for entry level jobs.  There was a time when an education was essential, but to many college graduates who have finished school and can not find employment in today's economy may feel they wasted their time.
We need to adapt to the times and train for flexibility in employment.
The younger generation may not know how to adapt.  They have not needed to.
Good Question, I think because businesses are down sizing so much and trying to get so much work out of so few people quality workers are having trouble doing a quality job. Benefits also are a concern for people and that's hard to find. Education is getting hard to get in this world today and it doesn't seem to matter much anymore. Less pay, no benefits, and more work seems to be the new wave. I feel for people looking for work and lucky I have a job.


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